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Teams & Organisations

Why do teams work well together?  Why do they implode?  Why are they sometimes so hard to manage?  What makes them tick?

I have yet to find a team that works seamlessly, without people falling out, that can get too excited when things are going well, and too low when results and performances falter? READ MORE or watch the video below.


One on One

If there is one lesson I have learnt above all others throughout my career, there is nothing more powerful than a private, uninterrupted, trusting conversation. 


The problem now is finding the time, space and safety to hold them. The reason I trained as a sports psychologist was to hold these private conversations, I can’t really call them meetings. READ MORE or watch the video below.


Keynotes and Lectures

If you want your conference, event, subject brought to life, I will do so.  Not by using a series of graphs, models, and dare I say it, a form of made up language and jargon, but by a combination of knowledge, humour, stories but always with impact. READ MORE or watch the video below.


Radio and Media

How we listen and watch our favourite shows, series, programmes and live sport, changes by the day.  Some of my best learning is done through radio, podcasts and documentaries and I would like to share my knowledge, insights and stories with you.  If you would like me to appear on radio, television, podcasts, then please do contact me and we can learn together. For further information please watch the video below or listen to me on BBC Radio 5 here.

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