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Gareth Southgate OBE

England Football Manager

"I first met Michael Caulfield when I was still playing at Middlesbrough. As is his way, an enjoyable chat, led to more inquisitive conversations and we’ve continued those to this day in a quest for constant improvement and knowledge, I think on both sides. He simplifies sport, understands the changing room and connects with players and coaches from all backgrounds. 

If you only want science, data and measures, look elsewhere. If you want someone who can make sense of all the clutter that exists in the minds of all athletes and coaches and help them focus on performance, then give Mike a ring."

Clare Balding OBE

Award winning Presenter, Author and journalist

"When life gets tough, when challenges become too stressful to manage or a solution seems impossible to find, Corky is the man to turn to. With a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed, he can help bring out the best in you and your team."

Paul Hayward

Chief Sports Writer at the Telegraph

"Michael is one of the most inspiring people I've met in 32 years in the sports media: a man of outstanding skill, integrity and insight. He understands the human element that underpins performance and always places the person first in his work. You'd always want him on your team."

Sir A P McCoy

Twenty times Champion Jockey and Sports Personality of the Year 

 "Michael is a master of his profession. I have known him for twenty five years and over that time, he has been a constant support and trusted friend too.  He is far more than a sports psychologist, he is also a great leader and team player and would recommend him to any ambitious team or individual."

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